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Renowned for its wineries, Napa Valley is an epicurean delight set amid rolling hills and gorgeous vineyards. We invite you to explore the Napa Valley through the distinctive personalities of our wines and our wineries.

Napa Valley features more than 400 wineries that grow a wide range of varietals. With over 120 wineries open to the public, possibilities are endless for winery visits during your stay in Napa.

No matter which wine varietals you prefer, the wineries in the Napa Valley cover the best of them all. Large or small, our wineries are dedicated to providing guests with extraordinary wines and memorable tasting experiences.

Enjoy an unforgettable Napa Valley getaway as you wind through the breathtaking scenery, tour charming wineries, picnic in radiant vineyards, sample exquisite wines and learn about California’s largest wine appellation.

For more information on the wineries of the Napa Valley, please visit the Napa Valley Vintner’s Association. Our Concierge is available to registered guests for assistance arranging a personalized itinerary of things to do, or for more information, at 707-963-1211 or concierge@aubergedusoleil.com.

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