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Earth Day Napa River Clean-up

Our associates had a great time celebrating Earth Day by beautifying downtown Napa during our 5th annual Napa River clean-up!

Dedicated Auberge du Soleil volunteers helped spring clean a new site along the Napa Creek as well as the surrounding streets.
The Earth Day River & Downtown clean-up was coordinated by the Napa Resource Conservation District; a local non-regulatory organization whose mission is to promote responsible watershed management through voluntary community stewardship and technical assistance.
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Anti-Aging Facials Using Potent All-Natural Marine Ingredients

Marie Veronique Nadeau, founder and formulator

To Be Featured Exclusively at Auberge Spas

MILL VALLEY, CALIF. (April 22, 2013) – Auberge Resorts, developer and operator of award-winning resorts and spas, today announced today a new, exclusive U.S. partnership with Marie Veronique Organics, the award-winning boutique skincare brand renowned for its 100 percent natural and organic ingredients. Auberge spas will be the only spas in the United States to offer facials custom-designed to feature the brand’s new high-performance Pacific line of luxury, marine-based skincare.

“The Pacific line partnership with Marie Veronique Organics emphasizes our commitment to organic skincare, health and wellness,” said Mark Harmon, CEO, Auberge Resorts. “We are delighted to be the first U.S. spas to introduce the highly effective Pacific products and two facials custom-designed for Auberge spa guests.”

Made from the most potent ingredients found in the Pacific Ocean, the Pacific line of skincare addresses the causes of aging from the inside out.  Pacific products deliver the nutritive benefits of natural marine extracts with none of the petroleum-based ingredients or heavy preservatives found in many luxury skincare products. Dr. Eric Lewis, a prominent Beverly Hills dermatologist, discovered the CMBI Natural Marine Extract™, an active compound found in the sea that is the essential ingredient in Pacific’s Topical Marine Treatment. Clinical studies have shown the serum actually reverses the skin’s aging process by increasing the number of fibrocytes in the skin, stimulating blood vessel formation and increasing the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid.

Auberge’s new Anti-Aging Facial uses active organic ingredients rich in antioxidants and essential fatty acids to tone and firm the skin, minimize lines and create a visible lift.

The Brightening and Lightening Facial delivers significant complexion-enhancing benefits. Vitamin C, combined with powerful anti-oxidants, increase collagen and repair sun damage and age spots, resulting in a bright, luminous complexion. Both treatments will be introduced at Auberge and Solage spas beginning in April. Prices start at $135 for 50 minutes and $198 for 80 minutes.

A cult favorite in Northern California, Marie Veronique Organics is a super-premium line of organic skincare products formulated by Marie Veronique Nadeau, an expert esthetician and former chemistry teacher, along with her physicist daughter, Dr. Jay Nadeau, to combine scientific research with “intelligent” ingredients that counter the effects of aging. Mill Valley,

Calif.-based Marie Veronique Organics products contain organic, locally sourced, and fair trade ingredients whenever possible, and — most importantly — every ingredient is proven safe and highly effective.

About Auberge Resorts

Auberge Resorts is a collection of exceptional hotels, resorts and private clubs, each with a unique personality that assures a memorable guest experience. While Auberge Resorts nurtures the individuality of each establishment, all are characterized by a set of communal elements: intimate, understated elegance; captivating locations that inspire exceptional cuisine and spa experiences; and gracious yet unobtrusive service. Among the Auberge collection of distinctive properties are: Auberge du Soleil, Calistoga Ranch and Solage Calistoga, all in Napa Valley, Calif.; Esperanza, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico; The Inn at Palmetto Bluff, Bluffton, S.C., Hotel Jerome, Aspen, Colo.; Pronghorn Golf Club & Resort, Bend, Ore.; Auberge Residences at Element 52, Telluride, Colo.; and the Malliouhana Hotel & Spa on the Island of Anguilla, British West Indies, with several others currently in development. For more information about Auberge Resorts, please visit www.aubergeresorts.com. Follow Auberge Resorts on Facebook at facebook.com/AubergeResorts and on Twitter at @AubergeResorts.


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Wellness Week : Wellness Walks for Associates

During Wellness Week at Auberge du Soleil, we are encouraging our associates to enjoy a Wellness Walk.   Here, a small group of Auberge Associates and Managers came together to enjoy the beautiful weather and the sights on Rutherford Hill Road.

The benefits of walking on your lunch hour are many! You’ll lose weight, increase your metabolism, and more!

One of the best reasons to walk on your lunch break at work: the fact that , in order to gain the most benefit from walking , you ‘ll need to do 20 minutes or more at a time. Lunch break is the perfect time to fit that in! 

Some of the benefits of walking:

(1) Increases metabolism
(2) Reduces body weight
(3) Easy on the joints
(4) Walking can be accomplished by yourself or with others
(5) Good time to communicate with spouse while both are walking
(6) Walking can be accomplished anywhere
(7) Can be done anytime (early morning, lunch time, evenings, weekends)
(8) Not stressful on the body so you enjoy it more
(9) You feel better after a fast paced walk

Information provided by:  http://askville.amazon.com/health-benefits-walking-lunch-work/AnswerViewer.do?requestId=11090402


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Sustainability ‘Pledge’ Tree

During Earth Month, an olive tree; a symbol of peace, has been placed in the Auberge du Soleil courtyard.  Guests and Auberge du Soleil associates are encouraged to write a sustainable pledge on a “wish” tag to be placed on the tree.  We will plant the tree on Arbor Day and at that time the environmental pledges will be collected and displayed.

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Instagram Picture – Cooking Demo

Executive Chef Robert Curry hosted two James Beard Foundation Auction Winners today.  These lucky ladies were able to prepare 3 dishes with Chef Curry.   

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