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  Uniting People to Protect the Planet, Auberge du Soleil supports the world’s largest environmental event in history between 8:30-9:30pm where hundreds of millions of people turn off lights for Earth Hour in observance of the effects of Climate Change. … Continue reading »

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Water is essential to life; all the more reason to cherish and protect it.  Auberge du Soleil has implemented extensive water conservation measures including; Partnership with WHOLE WORLD Water.  WHOLE WORLD Water is a hospitality and tourism campaign addressing the … Continue reading »

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In the Net

Deportivo Auberge du Soleil vs. Meadowood Napa Valley February 4, 2013 Final Score: 7-2   Auberge du Soleil won by a long shot and the score says it all!   Miguel Arroyo scored 2 goals, Arturo Leon scored 1, Cesar … Continue reading »

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Napa Vine Trail 5th Birthday Party – Join us!!

BLAZE YOUR TRAIL to this party celebrating FIVE YEARS since the founding of the Napa Valley Vine Trail Coalition! Hosted by our Coalition Board (http://vinetrail.org/faq/boardmembers/) to say thanks to ALL FRIENDS OF THE VINE TRAIL, members and guests, too. Spectacular … Continue reading »

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Peaceful Yoga Immersion Retreat September 18th – 22nd, 2013

Auberge du Soleil features a Yoga Series by Elizabeth Denison Elizabeth shares a rich and fresh approach to Wellness that is grounded in over 40 years of study and teaching in the fields of yoga, therapeutic bodywork and psychology. These balanced offerings … Continue reading »

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