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In the Net

Deportivo Auberge du Soleil vs. Meadowood Napa Valley

February 4, 2013

Final Score: 7-2


Auberge du Soleil won by a long shot and the score says it all!


Miguel Arroyo scored 2 goals, Arturo Leon scored 1, Cesar Rojas scored 1.  Thanks to Oscar Gonzalez, Miguel Arroyo and Hugo Alvares’ defense Meadowood rarely made it to our end of the field.

Thank you to all who showed up to support our soccer team, the next game is on Tuesday, February 11th at 7:50pm.  This game will determine whether or not if we get into the semi-finals.

When taking a team photo they were asked where the soccer ball was, they replied it was “In the net!”

Please CONGRATULATE our team on a game well played, for getting out there and living an active lifestyle, and for Ramiro Nunez’s expert coaching.


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