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Arbor Day at Auberge du Soleil

During Earth Month- the month of April- an olive tree, a symbol of peace, was displayed in the Auberge du Soleil courtyard.  Guests and Auberge du Soleil associates were encouraged to write a Sustainability Pledge on a “wish” tag to be tied on the tree.

We planted the olive tree in our sculpture garden on Arbor Day, April 26.  The Arbor Day Foundation began in 1972.  The mission of the foundation is to inspire people to plant, nurture, and celebrate trees.

Below is a collection of our favorite Sustainability Pledges for 2013.

  • “Hug a tree sometimes because they have healing powers”
  • “Respect the Earth and nature-it’s all we have”
  • “Save water, drink champagne!”
  • “Remember to LIVE and let LIVE, peace & blessings”
  • “To hone my craft to perfection…and enjoy every minute of it”
  • “Enjoy what you have, don’t wish anymore”
  • “Teach everyone at home to recycle-Always!”
  • “Walk and look at people and don’t look at your cell all the time!”
  • “Buy local & seasonal foods.  Support local and farmer’s markets”
  • “Achieve greatness through satisfaction”
  • “Be grateful upon waking each day, it’s a gift!”
  • “Purchase goods from local vendors instead of corporations!”
  • “Eat one more vegetarian meal than I would each week”
  • “Be flexible with yourself”
  • “Be as nice to someone as you would want to be treated”
  • “Save water, drink wine.  Practice gratitude for the Earth’s bounty”
  • “Buy vintage!”
  • “Eat clean, no preservatives”
  • “Reduce my carbon footprint by acquiring a high mileage 2 wheeled motorcycle”
  • “Compost at home and cut shower times in  half”
  • “NEVER use plastic material”
  • “Use as much natural light as possible to reduce wasting electricity”
  • “Turn off power strips!”
  • “I pledge to print double sided and use scrap paper when possible”
  • “Eat more veggies, less meat”
  • “Buy things that are unpackaged and buy cloth bags for bulk and produce”
  • “Sip water like wine”
  • “Recycle water bottles and turn off the lights if not needed”
  • “Sustainability Pledge for 2013 and beyond!  To begin composting at home”
  • “I pledge to do more with less”
  • “Save more water and energy at home.  Keep recycling at work”
  • “Use solar!”
  • “My green pledge for 2013 is to use more local products to reduce my carbon footprint”
  • “Think local, Support local, Buy local!”
  • “Keep results earned through the Biggest Loser competition permanently”
  • “Eat more fruits and vegetables”
  • “Eat more grains”


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