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Free Thyme

Looking for a way to spend your Free Thyme this weekend?

We love use of herbs in cocktails.  And this one is no exception.  It is a refreshing, unique cocktail that is perfect to sip on during these hot, sunny, spring days.   Wine Director Kris Margerum has come up with a clever way to use thyme – in a cocktail.   You can find this new beverage on our seasonal Bistro & Bar menu.  Or create it to enjoy in your own home oasis:


4 oz                                   Margerum Pinot Gris

1 ¼    oz                           Marolo Camomile Grappa liqueur

¾ oz                                  Mandarin Napoleon

2 squeeze of Lemon Wedge



  • Thyme pulled off sprig, ice, wine and liqueurs into shaker
  • Shake well.  Pour into wine glass with ice
  • Garnish with fresh thyme sprig


Kris Margerum, Wine Director

CATEGORIES: Bistro & Bar, General, Herb Garden, Recipes

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