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Healthy Living – Spring Cleaning


It’s time for spring-cleaning. This year avoid those harsh cleaners with toxic chemicals to battle the build-up. Try some of these great home recipes for effective cleaning.

 Natural Cleansers for Bath and Kitchen:

 Baking Soda and Water: Dust surfaces with baking soda, then scrub with a moist sponge or cloth. If you have tougher grime, sprinkle on some kosher salt, and work up some elbow grease.

 Lemon Juice or Vinegar: Got stains, mildew or grease streaks? Spray or douse with lemon juice or vinegar. Let sit a few minutes, then scrub with a stiff brush.

 Disinfectant: Instead of bleach, make your own disinfectant by mixing 2 cups of water, 3 tablespoons of liquid soap and 20 to 30 drops of tea tree oil.

Great for mirrors and glass:

White Vinegar, Water and Newspaper: Mix 2 tablespoons of white vinegar with a gallon of water, and dispense into a used spray bottle. Squirt on, then scrub with newspaper, not paper towels, which cause streaking.

 If you’re out of vinegar or don’t like its smell, you can substitute undiluted lemon juice or club soda.

 Be kind to yourself and your family as well as the environment. Happy cleaning!

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