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Napa Local Foods Forum

Please join Auberge du Soleil in our support of the Napa Local Food Forum

Imagine driving through the Napa Valley 30 years ago. ..

As you made your way down the Silverado Trail, you would pass walnut orchards, fig orchards, and fields of wheat interspersed with vineyards. Take the same drive today and you will virtually find only vineyards planted with grapes for wine production.  (monoculture= one crop.)

Grape growing is extremely important to the Napa County economy and a huge draw for the tourists that support the county’s many restaurants, hotels, and other local businesses.

However, in the last 40 years, the grape crop in Napa County has grown from 31% to over 98% of the total agricultural output.

This represents a significant upward shift in the value of wine grapes over time, but also a drastic reduction in crop diversity that is at the heart of a current countywide discussion around building a sustainable local food economy.

The discussion about rebuilding a sustainable local food economy within the Napa Valley began in earnest last April.  Just over 300 citizens of Napa gathered at the Napa Valley Fairgrounds for a series of panel discussions about the opportunities and challenges involved in developing a strong local food system.

The event was called the Napa Local Food Forum and was brought to fruition by Napa County Agricultural Commissioner Dave Whitmer and his staff.

“I saw a lot of people in the community making tremendous efforts around food,” says Whitmer, “but the efforts were not that well-coordinated and resources were not being leveraged. There are all these great programs, yet we are still not able to feed every person in Napa County.”

In response to the success of the Napa Local Food Forum and with a national conversation growing in regards to the need for local, sustainable, equitable, energy-efficient, and safe food sources, Napa County created the Napa Local Food Advisory Council.

The Napa Local Food Advisory Council is composed of 15 members.  The Council has held three special meetings since its establishment, most recently on April 28th.  There are two future special meetings scheduled:

Monday, July 11th from 2:00 – 4:00 pm
Monday, October 10th from 2:00 – 4:00 pm

Where: UC Cooperative Extension room, 1710 Soscol Avenue, Napa


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