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Two New Additions to our Napa Valley Bistro & Bar Menu….

We have just introduced 2 new spirits into the Auberge du Soleil Bistro & Bar:

The first one is called Amaro Nonino , an Italian digestive.  We are also proud to also be serving the coveted Charbay Brandy No. 83.

Amaro Nonino is a digestif made by the Nonino company in Fruili, Italy. It is made from grappa infused with herbs, plus grain alcohol, and ingredients that include caramelized sugar, bitter orange, cinchona, galenga, gentian, liquorice, quassia wood, rhubarb, saffron, sweet orange and tamarind.  Amaro Nonino is a reddish-amber colour and has a herby fragrance, with a mildly bitter spicy taste, with a touch of liquorice and sweet, burnt orange.  The taste lasts in the mouth. It is aged in oak barrels for 5 years. Amaro Nonino is 35% alcohol. Amaro Nonino is a bit less syrupy than some other Italian bitters.  It is best served straight up, slightly chilled, around 53 to 59 F.

Charbay, a family run artisan winery and distillery in Northern California, introduces 27-year-old Charbay Brandy No. 83. The No. 83 has been aged in French oak since 1983. The 27 year old Brandy was released on November 8th, 2010.  It has naturally evolved into a warm pure Folle Blanche brandy. Double distilled, and cut with precision. Aged in French oak.
N0.83 is for brandy aficionados that savor brandy as an experience.
Pure 1983 Folle Blanche Brandy.  Aged in French Limousin & Nevers Oak. Numbered bottles.

CATEGORIES: Bistro & Bar, General

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