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Small Plates Make a Big Impression

Executive Chef Robert Curry is making changes to the Bistro & Bar menu at Auberge du Soleil.  The evolution of the menu, to offer a twist on small plates will roll out on March 1, 2011.

In addition to the traditional menu, the Bistro and Bar menu will offer 15+ flavor packed, creative small plates.  The small plates menu features items like Blue Crab Cakes, Grouper Ceviche, Chicken Wings and Mediterranean Spiced Lamb Skewers.   Favorites making an appearance from the Plats du Jour menu are the Steamed Manila Clams and Pork Belly.  Chilled Farro Salad, Wild Mushrooms with Red Wine Glaze and Butter Glazed California Asparagus make for the perfect accompaniments to the heartier items.

“Half the fun of the small plate concept is choosing an array of food and sharing with fellow diners” said Executive Chef Robert Curry.   “With small plates, there are lots of options and big flavors to share and feel satisfied.”  Guests will love that they can try several different things, and order as many or few plates as they want—whether for an individual meal, as an appetizer or for sharing multiple plates as a couple or group.

Guests will still find their favorites on the traditional menu as well.  Local favorites like Duck Confit Pizza, The Grilled Auberge Burger and the Chopped Cobb Salad are still present on the menu.  Guests will also find the charcuterie and cheese selections still offered.

The Bistro & Bar at Auberge du Soleil is touted as the best place in Napa Valley for a glass of wine to watch the sunset.   Come to our Napa Bistro & Bar next week and see how Chef Curry’s new small plates menu is making a big impression.

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