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Spa Anniversary

Ten years, two names, and four spa directors later, Auberge Spa proudly celebrates our 10 year anniversary. The vision and planning of Spa du Soleil, as it was originally know was four years in the making. All those experts in one room must have done something right! Today the Auberge Spa retains eight members of the opening team. What an achievement! On top of the yearly published accolades, and the comments from our guests as they leave the spa, the staff tenure speaks volumes about the special place of healing we have at our doorstep, unique among Napa spa resorts.

For 14 years prior to the spa opening its doors, many of the same massage therapists you see today lugged heavy massage tables from room to room for massages and treatments. Here are some of their thoughts:

I truly appreciate not only the space I work in, but also the respect for the space in the vision and development of the spa. The focus on nature and the energy that “is” this space along with a nurturing touch of a highly skilled team makes for a world class “spa” experience worth delivering!

Massage work can take its toll on our bodies over the years anyway….not having to carry heavy tables from room to room and still getting to be a part of Auberge du Soleil is worth a massage table’s weight in gold!

Massaging in the room is great and I’m glad we still offer the experience! But having the spa allows the therapist to be more creative…and makes for a more complete and balanced experience.

I appreciate working where the products are such a high quality with a focus on using the most pure ingredients available.

Like the old saying “It takes a lot of great beer to make a fine wine”…It takes a lot of great therapists to keep the valley in balance!

One flame in one heart filling one touch with one hand can affect one guest in one spa at one resort in one valley in one world toward one change in one flame in one heart…….

As Director, the past three years have made Auberge Spa my home away from home, surrounded by a family of diverse, unique and talented individuals who make what we offer so special. I am very proud to lead this team and look forward to adding many years to our spa story.

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