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Be a part of the Vine Experience!

By: Jessica DeLasaux

On July 28th, 2010 I attended the Napa Valley Vine Trail Volunteer Rally with a few Auberge du Soleil associates; George Goeggel, Lea Wilson and Layla Azimi.  I was one of the first attendees and I observed as the seats in the Yountville Community Hall began to fill.  Several seats were soon occupied by citizen cyclers dressed in their finest and brightest bike apparel.  Everyone was there to lend their support and to learn about the numerous volunteer opportunities available to them.

The Volunteer Rally was designed to inform the community about the status of the Vine Trail and to recruit volunteers.  The Vine Trail non-profit group was established in 2008 and since then they have tackled numerous hurdles in a short amount of time. The Vine Trail broke ground this spring and the first Yountville mile will be complete next month.  It is now up to the community to HELP SPREAD THE WORD and continue adding to the trail one mile at a time.  Chuck McMinn, the Executive Director of the Vine Trail, admitted that for the Napa Vine Trail to become an iconic destination in Northern California the project cannot be thrown together.  He told us that it may take 10 years until the trail is complete but it will take forever if we don’t get started.

Imagine a lovely, carbon negative path from the Northern tip of Calistoga leading 44 miles down the Napa Valley ending at the Vallejo Ferry.  In our fast paced society it will be a pleasure to slow down and walk or ride a bike on the Vine Trail.  We often miss the little things in life as we whiz by in our automobiles.  The Vine Trail will help us re-connect with our beautiful surroundings and will also benefit the health of our community in so many different aspects.  I look forward to the day that the trail is complete and I will be able to walk down the path with my friends and family and know that I helped build it.

YOU CAN HELP TOO.   Whatever your skills, background or interests, the Vine Trail needs your help, tell your friends and help Napa Valley pursue the path.  There are several accessible levels of membership and a multitude of volunteer prospects.  Any contribution would be greatly appreciated.  Auberge du Soleil currently gives $2 of each guest reservation to the Napa Vine Trail and will match any donation made to the Vine Trail while dining with us.  To learn more please visit the Napa Vine Trail website.

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