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A glimmer of hope…

by:  Jessica De Lasaux, “The Kitchen Gardener”


I just received wonderful news from Christy Abreu, Education Director, at Upper Valley Disposal.  After a lengthy bureaucratic process, Upper Valley Disposal has obtained their official solid waste permit to begin a Recycling Food Composting Program at their facility.

Upper Valley Disposal embarked on their pilot Food Composting Program at the end of 2009.  Auberge du Soleil seized the opportunity to partner with Upper Valley Disposal and was able to divert a significant amount of our waste from the landfill, and turn it into a sustainable product. 

The transition turned out to be much easier than expected.  After all, these same materials have always been in our garbage.  With proper handling, the recycling process has produced numerous benefits for everyone involved, including the planet.

I can’t wait until everyone has the opportunity to recycle their food scraps with their local collection service, similar to the recent food waste recycling mandate in San Francisco.  For the time being, we are fortunate to have free, local, home composting classes provided by the Napa County UC Master Gardeners.  These classes conveniently include a free composting bin for attending!  People often wonder how they can contribute to living a more conscious daily lifestyle. Home composting offers a simple and effective tool for reducing your environmental footprint.   Find out how you can particiapte in your area.

You can place your mind at ease while residing with us at Auberge du Soleil.  Together we are the stewards of our land.  If you have suggestions or comments regarding our ecological practices please do not hesitate to contact, jessicad@aubergedusoleil.com

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